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Hi, I'm Si. I've been a personal trainer since 2000. I'm REPs (Registry of Exercise Professionals) Qualified to level 3 and also a qualified Hatton Advanced Boxing Instructor.


I spent 5 years working full time in a local gym where I also completed the Fit Pro Vipr course and Drummond Education Kettlebell Instructor course.


I've trained with Gaz Parry (The Climber's Coach)  'Climber' magazine and Malcolm Balk, author of 'Master the Art of Running' and Many other proffessionals at their peak (see below)  as well as those simply trying to lose weight, strengthen/tone muscle and improve their fitness levels.


I've been coaching middle and long distance runners for 12 years and teaching people to climb on indoor walls for 4 years. 

I met Si a few years ago he's always encouraged hard work and motivation. He's helped me with nutrition and diets, for building muscle. Also, introduced me to climbing, which, I highly recommend.

Nick G


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I started regular Gym training 17 years ago when I quit smoking and I learnt to climb 7 years ago to overcome my fear of heights.


Even in 2014/15 when I had a 10 month break due to injury and illness, after losing 10lbs of muscle and gaining over 20lbs of fat;  I am now  back into my training , losing 1lb of fat a week, eating 4 meals a day and regaining 1lb of muscle every month.


Through overcoming these personal challenges, I recognise the value of incorporating mental fitness and wellbeing with physical goals.

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I have successfully trained clients for the British Navy Divers, Metropolitan Firearms Squad, Essex Police and Paramedics physical exams.  

I have had the pleasure of  training with and assisting a European Masters gold medal winning Powerlifter, A Brazilian  Jiu Jitsu European gold medal winner, the female European  gold medal winning UK Police snowboard champion, a proffesional ballet teacher, UK Army serving cage fighter as well as an Ex-Army PT and Paratrooper.

I was 61 when Si started helping me to keep fit. I hadn't expected to laugh so much! Si does make training fun, he shows great understanding, sets achievable goals, and is generous with praise when it's earned. He has helped me maintain my fitness and improve my core strength, He taught me to climb aged 63 and worked out a programme to prepare me for a cycling holiday. At 65 I now feel fit and strong and am looking forward to learning to box!

Jill B

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