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Personal Training

I enjoy taking on clients of all ages and body types, with different levels of fitness.

For me there is as much satisfaction in introducing someone to exercise as challenging the fitter and more experienced.

Especially as Everyone can see results within weeks.

I myself have to work around joint issues in my own training and am used to progressing or regressing exercises to the individual appropriately.


Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!

It is my aim to tailor a routine that you will enjoy, see results from, and wish to continue as part of a healthier lifestyle. This also applies to sustainable nutrition changes and improved mental health such as coping with stress or boosting confidence.


Very different from other bootcamps you will have seen or attended! 


I speak from experience.  My bootcamps are restricted to 6 attendees so I can give out progressions, regressions and correction to each and every individual participating.  I incorporate and provide boxing training with gloves and pads, also Kettlebells  as well as the use of obstacles available on each site, not just the terrain.


Personal Training

First session Free!

All payments can also be made cash

Great Notley Discovery Park  email/call to confirm- Mon-Sun 8am-7pm by appointment. Group size 2-6  £6/head Under 16's £3 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

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Refer a friend for any session

and get your next one free !

Turbo-Blast !


A six session programme is also available for £5.00 /session.


Braintree/Witham sessions can be booked at a locatoin and time that suits you at a rate of £6.00 /person (minimum group size 3).

Please email to arrange time/location/payment.

Please bear in mind my Maximum group size of 6, so prebook to avoid disappointment !

Book yourself on a minimum 1 hour session for only £20. or £30 for 2 people.


A six session programme is also available  with a 10% discount.

A 30 minute PT session, forget Insanity, Tabata and other HIIT. This is an Intense Muscle toning, Cardio boosting, calorie burning experience for £10 or £15 for

2 people.